Deep dental cleaning involves a more intensive cleaning routine than regular dental cleanings. Even if you have perfect oral hygiene habits, it is impossible to protect the sections of your teeth that lie below the gumline. This intensive cleaning treatment removes the tartar and plaque that builds up below the gumline and in areas of your mouth that are difficult to reach.

Our dentists will scale your teeth and polish them to make them smoother and less likely to attract bacteria and other harmful deposits in the future. This helps prevent gum disease from worsening and begins the healing process to restore your oral health. Our dentists may also take the opportunity to check your mouth for any other problematic developments below the gumline, such as tooth decay.

If you have periodontal disease, you should receive deep dental cleanings on a regular basis to help prevent more severe damage from gum disease and bone loss in the future. Our dentists will evaluate your mouth to determine the severity of your periodontal disease and recommend a schedule of regular treatments to help keep your mouth free from gum disease.

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