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Our Team

We love welcoming patients to Avanta Dental and will go the extra mile to help you feel at ease and understand your oral health and treatment options. You are our top priority, and we will give you our full attention throughout your visit to ensure you are receiving the care you need. Call us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment with our dentists in Yakima or Ellensburg, Washington. Our friendly dental team is excited to meet you!


Office Manager

Belen has been with our dental family here at Avanta Dental since April 2012. She is calm and professional in all situations and stays on top of even the simplest details to ensure that everyone keeps moving forward. Belen loves seeing our team members grow and improve, both as dental professionals and in their personal lives.

Belen has been in the dental field for over 10 years and has worked in many different areas of the office, from scheduling to assisting. She also keeps her certification as a dental assistant current. She is constantly looking for new ways to improve our team, especially in the way we communicate with our patients and with each other. Her personal growth and accomplishments with Avanta Dental are among the things she is most proud of in her life, and she has not done it alone! Her husband, parents and siblings are a constant help and encouragement, along with her coworkers, who have become like family and are fundamental keys to our success. While there are not enough pages to include and describe her entire family, Belen states, “I have the BEST support system both in-office and out.”

Outside of work, Belen enjoys painting, gardening, hiking, rock hunting, road trips, jogging, crafting, cooking, reading, traveling, star gazing and more!


Ellensburg Office Manager

Emily joined our team in August 2019 with over 15 years of experience in customer service. She loves helping people make their dreams come true and achieve beautiful smiles, and she does everything she can to help our patients receive the treatment they need, including working with them to make their treatments financially manageable. Her ultimate goal is to enrich the lives of others. Emily and her husband, Bob, have one son, Dustin. Outside the office, Emily enjoys traveling with her family, hiking and camping.


Insurance Coordinator

Airany joined Avanta Dental in April 2019 and helps our team by knowing our patients’ dental benefits ahead of their appointments. She loves being part of a team where everyone comes from different cultures and viewpoints but always come together as a team to help each other and our patients. In addition to her work here at our office, Airany also works as a CNA on the weekend. Airany is thankful to her entire family for helping her become who she is now through their constant support and encouragement. She is a mother to two children and, in her spare time, she likes to knit, cook and learn new things. She also does photography from time to time and often brings home stray cats until she can find them a happy home.


Patient Care Coordinator

Allan has been a patient care coordinator with our team since 2021. As part of the admin team, he helps the ship sail smoothly, and he loves working with our incredible team!


Patient Care Coordinator

Ana joined our team in October 2018 and works hard to make sure that all our patients are satisfied with the care they receive and to make their visits financially manageable as well as pleasant. Her favorite thing about being at Avanta Dental is the people she works with – they are her family now.

Gabriela “Gabby"

Hygiene Coordinator

Gabby graduated from East Valley High School in 2016, and she joined our practice in March 2021. She loves working with her team, as they have become some of her greatest friends and family. Gabby has a son, who is her main motivation. In her free time, she enjoys going to music festivals and the gym, hiking, vacationing and spending time with her son.


Patient Care Coordinator

Jazmine finished her undergraduate program at Central Washington University in June 2022, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in law and justice and a minor in sociology. She joined our practice the same month. Her favorite thing about our practice is that the patients and team make for a positive environment. She also loves knowing that by being here, she may make a difference, whether that be by translating or by being here in a time of need. The desire she wants to carry out through her career at Avanta Dental is to have an influence over patients while making sure our office’s mission statement is practiced day in and day out. Through this, her hope is to have Avanta Dental carry on in success. Jazmine enjoys self-care in all aspects, including nails, lashes, gym attendance and shopping.


Patient Care Coordinator

Karina has been with us since 2022, and she has helped Avanta Dental with her determination to work well with patients and always help others to solve any issue. She is a great team player and is very friendly.

In her free time, Karina likes to cook, do makeup and spend time with her family.


Patient Care Coordinator

Lupita attended Charter College to become a dental assistant before joining our team in June 2019. She enjoys the environment at our office and helps keep our office running smoothly by taking phone calls, confirming and making appointments, collecting payments, and ensuring our schedule is set. She loves working with this team and looks forward to what the future has in store for Avanta Dental. Lupita is a mother to three children, one daughter and two boys. In her spare time, she enjoys reading.


Patient Care Coordinator

Shelin started working in this office in March 2022. She graduated from Davis High School in 2014. Shelin loves the people she works with because they are patient, caring and always ready to help. Shelin is married to her husband, Gilberto, and she has three daughters: Abigail, Allison and Ailani. Outside of work, she loves spending time with family and buying purses.


Financial Coordinator

Kaiya joined our team in March 2018 and loves our patients and her fellow team members. She has completed her associate degree and is in the process of completing her bachelor. Outside the office, Kaiya enjoys hiking, sleeping and food.


Accounts Receivable

Kenia joined our team in February 2017, and she helps keep our office running smoothly with her thorough and detailed work and by keeping her department up-to-date. She enjoys the flexibility of her work and the opportunity to grow her knowledge in the dental field. Outside the office, she enjoys doing crafts and nails.


Accounts Receivable

Noemy graduated from Eisenhower High School in 1999 and attended Carter College, graduating with her degree in 2013. She joined our team in August 2013 and loves being part of a family-oriented practice where you can feel how much the owner, manager and team care. Noemy has extensive knowledge about accounts and is a problem solver. She loves a challenge, never gives up, and works diligently to find or create solutions for any problems she encounters.

Noemy is happy married to her husband, Steve, and has three beautiful daughters: Kimberly, April and Daynia. Outside of the office, her hobbies include decorating events, such as weddings and birthdays.


Front Desk

Kenya graduated in 2018 and joined our team in July of 2022. She loves the work environment here at our office and how our team works together, as well as making sure all of her duties are taken care of! In her free time, Kenya enjoys watching Netflix and spending time with friends and family, including her boyfriend and their daughter, Kalani.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Cindy graduated from Yakima Valley College with a Bachelor of Applied Science in dental hygiene in 2021. She joined our team as a dental hygienist in October 2021. She loves that everyone at our practice wants the best for our patients and that we give the best patient care and have the best patients. Cindy educates all of our patients on the importance of their oral hygiene and preventive care.

Cindy has two brothers, two sisters and a Golden Retriever named Kobe. In her free time, she loves going to the gym and spending as much time with her family as she can.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Drew joined Avanta Dental after gaining his Bachelor of Applied Science Dental Hygiene degree from Yakima Valley College in 2022. We are thankful for his quality patient care that prioritizes the patient’s needs for improved oral health, and Drew enjoys being a part of a practice that puts patient care and satisfaction first.

Drew is a veteran from the Unites States Marine Corps. Now, in his free time, he enjoys working out and attending musical festivals and concerts.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Jannet earned her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Dental Hygiene in 2017, joining our team in December that same year. She enjoys being part of a team and is a key part of providing preventive care to each patient who visits us. Jannet and her husband have one daughter, and in her free time, Jannet enjoys fishing, doing puzzles and crocheting.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Jill started at this office in 2018 as a temp and now works as a hygienist. She graduated in 2020 from Yakima Valley college and has attended many advanced training seminars and webinars on orthodontics and airway and sleep apnea, which is her special interest. Jill brings over 20 years of dental hygiene experience and always works hard to give her patients the best possible dental experience. Her favorite part of this practice is the friendly team and atmosphere.

Jill was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She is married to her college sweetheart, and they have two daughters. Outside of the office, Jill enjoys walking, listening to podcasts and music and photography. She also loves to do all things outdoors with her family, such as camping, hiking and kayaking.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Liliana went to Eastern Washington University for her prerequisites and attended the Yakima Valley College dental hygiene program. She graduated with her Bachelor of Applied Science in dental hygiene in June 2021. Liliana joined our team in May 2021. Her coworkers are one of the best things about this practice, but she also loves her patients. She considers our practice a judgment-free zone. She wants her patients to always feel comfortable, and she will do her best to provide the best quality care possible.

Liliana is third of nine siblings — six girls and three boys. She loves going to the gym either before or after work. She also enjoys hiking, traveling and going shopping.


Dental Hygienist

Alexa graduated from Yakima Valley College with her bachelor’s degree in 2019. Alexa is a first-generation college graduate. Her parents taught her that she can achieve her goals through hard work and dedication. Alexa has been with Avanta Dental since April 2021. What she likes best about being with our practice is feeling like she is part of a family. She loves the positive energy everybody provides throughout the day and that the team is always willing to help when needed. Alexa contributes to the success of our practice by providing the best possible dental care to the patients. She loves to go to the beach, travel, exercise and spend time with her two kids.


Registered Dental Assistant

Bertha graduated from Chart College in Pasco in 2015 and joined our dental family at Avanta Dental that same year. She loves that our office feels like a second home and a second family and can often be found taking on additional responsibilities and helping wherever is needed. Outside of the office, Bertha’s hobbies include tennis and shopping.


Registered Dental Assistant

Jazmin joined our team in September 2021. She is completing her pre-requisites to become an elementary teacher but took a break to take care of her new baby and plans on returning soon. She loves the energetic environment of our office and always comes to work with her all!
When she is not at the office, Jazmin enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending time with her baby girl and her boyfriend.


Registered Dental Assistant

Noemar graduated from high school in 2020 and completed a dental assisting course at YV-Tech and attended Running Start. She is currently finishing prerequisites for her dental hygiene degree. Noemar helps this office be successful by having a positive mindset and attitude, helping others and making everything worth it.

Noemar is the youngest in her family, and she has a sister, who is 15 years older, and a brother, who is 10 years older. Outside of the office, she loves working out and helping people reach their nutritional intake.


Registered Dental Assistant

Rene attended Charter College for his dental assisting certification and completed his CEREC training through the Sirona training program to learn how to provide same-day crowns and other restorations for our patients. He joined our team in July 2012 and enjoys letting his dental knowledge and experience shine. Rene is always looking for ways to learn, grow and improve himself. He has amazing parents and three wonderful sisters as well as a pitbull who is the baby of the family. When not in the office, Rene enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking and going to the gym.


Registered Dental Assistant

Val completed her dental assisting certification through TriCities Dental Assisting School and joined our team in September 2016. She loves her job and being part of Avanta Dental because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the same mission of caring for our patients. Val is always found helping her coworkers in any way she can and bringing excellent dental care to her patients. She stays current with continuing dental education courses in order to help her patients maintain their dental health. Val is engaged, and her 5-year-old daughter is her “bestie.” When not in the office, Val enjoys hiking and going on long trips with her family.


Dental Assistant

Bianca joined our practice in 2020 and enjoys the teamwork in our office. She is dedicated to promoting a healthy work environment and to helping our patients feel comfortable throughout their time with us.

Bianca was on the honor roll from 10th grade through graduation. She also made the Dean’s List in college. Bianca and her husband, Alfonso, have two children, one son and one daughter.


Dental Assistant

Brandon is a recent addition to our team, but his eagerness to learn as much as possible makes him a great part of our team. He is currently studying dental hygiene at Yakima Valley College and is exciting by all the learning opportunities we offer here. in addition to his studies. In his free time, Brandon likes to play drums and go to the gym.


Dental Assistant

Deisy graduated from Chelan High School before she joined Avanta Dental. She is the youngest of three children, with two older brothers. In her free time, she likes to lift weights at the gym.


Dental Assistant

Jade graduated from Kittitas High School. She joined our team in September 2022. Jade brings a positive attitude to the office and makes people comfortable when they come in. Jade loves making people feel relaxed in the chair and seeing the patients happy with the end results.

Jade’s parents are Ellensburg locals, and she has two little brothers that she has a great relationship with. When not at the office, she enjoys hiking, fishing, camping and road trips.


Dental Assistant

Kayla started at our office in June 2022. In addition to being a dental assistant, she has also graduated with a license in cosmetology. Her favorite part of working at this office is seeing people's smiles and their end results. She also loves that everyone at Avanta Dental made her feel welcomed and that it is okay to make mistakes in the beginning.

When Kayla is not at work, she loves going on long trips with her family. She also enjoys going on hikes, being outdoors and looking for new adventures.


Dental Assistant

Nancy joined our dental family in September 2020 and is diligent in making sure all her patients are well taken care of and that their experience at Avanta Dental is positive. She loves nature, enjoys hiking, going on random trips and overall being adventurous. Nancy’s daughter is her motivation to be the best version of herself!


Dental Assistant

Luis has been at Avanta Dental since the beginning of 2022, and he studied dentistry in Mexico for six years. He loves how he is always learning something new working at our office and being challenged every day. Luis helps our practice be successful by doing his best. He believes we always need to think about the future, make sacrifices and pay attention to patient feedback in order to do the best job possible. Luis’s family consists of his parents, brother and dog. They all live in Mexico and Luis cannot wait to see them again in the future.


Dental Assistant

Alejandra has been with Avanta Dental for seven years. She is a licensed PMU (permanent) artist and enjoys making women feel confident and happy. She loves working at this office because she is able to connect and meet with new people and make a difference in people’s confidence. Alejandra helps our office by welcoming everyone with a caring heart.

Alejandra’s family consists of her spouse, Danny; her 6-year-old son, Isaiah; four-year-old daughter, Aliyah and her four Frenchies. Outside of work, she enjoys shopping, spending time with her little ones and relieving her stress by working out. She also loves pizza and vacationing.


Dental Assistant

Avanta Dental is excited to welcome Holly to our team! She graduated from West Valley High School in 2014 and received her dental assistant training at Moses Lake Dental Assistant School. Her goal is to eventually become a dental hygienist. Her favorite part of this practice is how modern and open the clinic is. Holly hopes she can contribute positive energy and ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.

In her free time, she enjoys drawing and playing games on her Nintendo Switch. She is also best friends with her older sister and spends lots of time with her.


Dental Assistant

Edith graduated from her dental assisting program with honors, and is planning to further her education and career through the completion of a dental hygiene program. She joined our team in 2023, and always brings her A-game to the office! She is always excited to meet and work with new people.

Edith loves hiking with her dog, working out at the gym, attending church, and spending time with her friends and family.


Dental Assistant

Lorena joined our team in 2023! She enjoys helping people, and learns as much as she can so she can give her patients the best possible experience and help them feel happy with their teeth and smile. She enjoys being part of a practice where everyone is kind and works to help you feel great.

Lorena currently lives with her parents, who have an apple and Cherry orchard. She loves to be active and outside of the office can often be found at the gym or taking evening walks with her nephew.


Dental Assistant Trainee

Kassidy earned her associates degree from VVD and her Bachelor of Science degree from EWV in exercise science. She is currently pursuing a dental hygiene degree at VVD. She joined our team in 2022 as an intern, and enjoys the sense of family from our team and the consistent flow of our practice. Kassidy cares about her patients deeply and always treats them with compassion and respect.

Kassidy has a small family – she married in September 2022 and has one energetic dog. Outside the office she enjoys hiking, kickboxing and game nights with her friends.


Dental Assistant

Annabelle graduated from trade school at Tri-Tech. She plays a key role in our office's success through her dedication, effective communication and willingness to help. She values the team deeply and sees them as an extended family, always finding opportunities to learn and evolve. At home, she is the oldest sibling in her family and is a caretaker to her grandma, mom and two young family friends. In her free time, she enjoys activities like swimming, working out, training and breeding dogs, helping those in need, hiking, boating, paddle boarding, tubbing, hunting and fishing.