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At Avanta Dental, we are now offering an AI Oral Health scan that digitally captures the structure of your teeth and gums using the latest technology to make a perfectly accurate, full-color 3D digital impression of your gums, teeth and anatomy of your smile. This creates a clear, sharp, detailed picture that allows:

  • itero photo Early detection of oral health problems
  • itero photo Easy to understand treatment recommendations
  • itero photo Comprehensive visualization of oral cavity
  • itero photo More comfortable experience
  • itero photo Track & Monitor your oral health over time
  • itero photo Before & After smile transformation before ever starting treatment!
  • itero photo Say goodbye to goopy, messy impression materials in your mouth

This cutting-edge device is revolutionizing the way we create digital impressions and plan treatments, making your dental experience more comfortable, accurate and efficient than ever before. It takes as little as three minutes, saving patient’s time!

After completing your AI Oral Health scan, Drs. Igor Elperin, Reza Navabi and Tina Amir can instantly view your impressions. This allows you and our dentists to visualize your goals, monitor your progress and track changes in your teeth over time by spotting any potential issues early and adjust your treatment plans accordingly. With enhanced precision and greater accuracy comes greater fit, creating better fitting crowns, bridges and aligners. We can ensure that your dental treatments are as effective and comfortable as possible!

The AI Oral Health scan is less mess, less stress and more precision. We recommend this scan twice a year, since it is able to reflect the wear your teeth have made throughout the months. Correcting your bite is as important as straightening your smile.

To find out more about AI Oral health in Yakima, Washington, and book a consultation with our experts, contact us today at 509-457-5050 to request an appointment and see how we can improve your smile.